The Adventure of the Egyptian Tomb

Poirot S05E01

It's 1935, and a team of international archaeologists in Egypt have broken the seal of the tomb of King Men-Her-Ra for the first time in 3000 years. Moments later, the leader of the group, Sir John Willard, drops down dead of a heart attack. Poirot is called upon to consider whether he is the victim of the tomb's legendary curse or whether there is a more mortal explanation for his death.

archaeologist, rivalry.


eminent, preposterous


biographical(biog). 这集里,Miss Lemon显然认为用缩略简写很时尚很酷,但Poirot似乎认为那样做没品(只是没好意思说出来的样子)。

porridge, over easy, sunny side up

fit as a flea, play off scrach

In general usage of the term, a "scratch golfer" is a golfer who typically shoots at or better than par. When a golfer is referred to as a "scratch golfer," you can be sure of one thing: That person is a very good golfer.

leper, outcast

antitoxic serum



planchette, pull oneself together

Troy, catastrophes


speak ill of the dead, make a fair fist of

make a good fist of : to do (something) well Despite her inexperience, she made a remarkably good fist of chairing the meeting.

siesta | 题外话:佛罗里达有个小城叫Sarasota,那里有个海滩就叫Siesta Key,因为沙子纯白,被我称作白沙滩。拍过很多照片 》》》 白沙鼓会 | Siesta Key白沙滩 | 佛罗里达Sarasota


chamomile tea, almonds, cyanide

heir, metaphorically, leprosy

endemic, chaulmoogra oil, superseded,

endemic, 对照最近媒体上频繁出现的pandemic, 会很容易记住两个前缀的意思。


creased, merriment