The Underdog

Poirot S05E02

A wealthy industrialist is found dead in his study. Is his death related to a discovery made at his chemical factory? Is his wife all she seems?


Belgian miniature bronzes | 题外话:任何一个正常的人,都会有一种很正常的感情:那就是对自己国家的文化情有独钟,并带有强烈的认同感。大侦探波罗每次被误认为是法国人的时候,都要纠正对方,自豪的宣布自己是比利时人。这次也不例外,但凡与比利时有关,大侦探就会抛开客观公正 :),但这很可爱,至于比利时出品是否真是世界最佳,已不重要。在这方面追求冷静客观,对自己母国文化苛求的人,不属于正常人范畴;一旦遇见,建议敬而远之,少接触为妙。

Exquisite, knockdown price, obnoxious (extremely unpleasant), philistine

What is a knockdown price? When assets are sold very cheaply, they're said to be traded at a knockdown price. This may be the case if they experience turbulence and fall in value. It can also be because a seller is keen to get a quick deal and willing to accept a low price.

philistine, a person who is hostile or indifferent to culture and the arts, or who has no understanding of them.

putting up with something/somebody


inebriation, patch up


intuition well explained


swindling, swindler