The Chocolate Box

Poirot S05E06

Poirot returns to his homeland for the first time since the war, but his former colleagues in Brussels have long memories and an old murder case that still needs solving.

影视英语 - Poirot - The Chocolate Box -
Anna Chancelor当年在影片中的扮相,也难怪波罗会为之倾倒 :)

muddle: to cause confusion in (someone or someone's mind) — often used as (be) muddled. a mind muddled by too much advice.


in the eye of my mind, I have never left | bestow

late wife

mediator, soothe

devotions, salve to insomnia

austerity, vices,


out of sight, out of mind | tussle

make a pig's ear of it: to do something badly, wrongly, or awkwardly: He's made a real pig's ear of that bookcase he was supposed to be making.