Dead Man's Folly

Poirot S13E03

Hired to provide the centrepiece amusement of a Devonshire summer fête, a twisty-turny `murder hunt', novelist Ariadne Oliver becomes convinced that she is being manipulated, that her plans are providing the cover for a very grave crime indeed. Unable to navigate the web of deceit and treachery spun by the locals, she calls to her side the only man in the world who can discern the truth of the matter: Hercule Poirot.

fete: a celebration or festival.

done to death: do (something) to death. To do or repeat something so often that it becomes boring or unappealing. Often used in passive constructions. Ugh, Hollywood has done superhero movies to death. Chocolates and bouquets of roses have been done to death, so I thought I'd get you something more interesting for Valentine's Day.

dream up: imagine or invent something. "he's been dreaming up new ways of attracting customers"

a bob or two

pavilion: a summerhouse or other decorative building used as a shelter in a park or large garden.

Pagoda, gale,

typhus, commendable,

go to pot, apathy (vs empathy), feeble minded, simpleton

ornamental, trefoil, crocket, minx (an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman)

backword: old-fashionedused for describing a child or student who is unable to make normal progress in learning. It is now more acceptable to say that someone has learning difficulties.

double fault; tennis cake,

A priest hole is a hiding place for a priest built into many of the principal Catholic houses of England during the period when Catholics were persecuted by law in England.

bonker (informal Britis: mad; crazy. "and the fans go bonkers"), rhododendron,